Automotive Paint, Artistic Expression in Motion

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Your vehicle can last a long time, but sometimes it requires auto body paint repair before it’s replaced. 

We understand what it’s like to love your car, but not the scratches in the paint!

As your vehicle gets older stone chips and scratches not only look bad, but they start to rust and deteriorate the metal. It’s impossible to cover them up with paint from a bottle that never matches.

If it’s not prepped correctly the scratches will just continue to rust.

Our automotive paint team uses the most advanced materials, techniques, state of the art equipment and paint to bring your vehicles surface shine back to its original factory condition.

We are highly experienced in the art of custom paint jobs and have the ability to paint your vehicles like a factory finish.

Auto Body Clinic is a highly respected auto body paint shop and with good reason. We strive for perfection with each body and paint service and are committed to completing your project in timely and affordable fashion.

Our Paint Repair is backed by our Lifetime Warranty!

  • Paint Touchups

  • Bumper Scratches & Repair

  • Color Matching

  • Paint Chips to Major Scratches

  • Paint Refinishing

Auto Body Clinic Paint Repair Services:

Our paint facility uses the latest technology, including a downdraft spray booth with an ultra-low emissions Waterborne Paint system. All the paint mixing is done in-house, with a computerized mixing machine. Any variation of color due to fading can be easily corrected. Once applied, the paint is baked dry in a dustless heated booth, exactly as it is done in the factory.


Complete Auto Body Paint Repair Process

To give your car a paint job that will last, we employ a proven four-step vehicle paint repair process:

  1. Surface Prep. First, we fix any small scratches, dings or dents to create a smooth surface finish to which to apply the paint.
  1. Surface Sealant. To ensure consistent color and a higher gloss, we apply a special sealant to create a barrier between the vehicle’s old paint and the new.
  1. Paint Application. Utilizing advanced auto body painting techniques, we apply a thorough coat of paint over the entire surface of your vehicle.
  1. Finish. Lastly, we apply a finishing clear coat to fully protect the new paint job and ensure an accurate gloss match.

Contact us to find out how our auto paint shop can transform your vehicle.